Happy Ending

Unfortunately I'm gonna have to say goodbye to my blog as I move up to another level - Tumblr.
A personal page where I can share images, videos, texts or whatever my guts dare me to! The new generation of "Tumblrogs" that brings together good design + enormous visibility better than gold&silver when well combined.
As a change never comes completely alone I will also change my e-mail...
So long bow tie, hello Diary!
Will you join me?
Step on the pedal, enjoy.

Tumblr link : joaoalmeidadiary.tumblr.com
New e-mail : joaoalmeidadiary@gmail.com.
FanDay Bershka Party 

Gabrielle Sullivan by Jamie Nelson

And now, only to “break the ice” of my lifestyle, I need to put some influences for me. Jamie Nelson is a huge photographer, that I admire (I knew a few months ago, but he have incredible pics – of course that styling helps, an instant love). These photos were a shoot with Gabrielle Sullivan. Unfortunately I don’t know who was the stylist, but this person is a genius to create conceptual looks like these.
You can se more work here and here.

Mario's Lover

It was the second time I used my "pimp" Super Mario's necklace. Now he is my new "gadget" and i like it a lot, but unfortunately the first time it was used, he broke his legs (LOL).Now i need to find them or make it again.
My Mario is my prototype. *The moment when you don't have anything to do and..*  look at the leggos of our childhood, so i thought,  why not reuse them again, so this is the "fruit" i made.
Mario already has a lover! A lover that does everything for him, that lover stays in the unknown...

Festival Season

June 1st, Children’s Day (LOL), and I went with my groupie to Rock in Rio.  Not bad for my first experience at summer festivals. In general I didn't like the line up, only the electronic tent, because it had dj’s that I liked a lot.
After an exhaustive day at school I walked up the avenue (what matters is that it was close enough) and there I was! Well, I liked everything because I stayed with my people and had much fun, we simply went crazy, jumping and screaming like an ordinary girl at "stupid concerts", it was worth it. In this big open space I saw friends that I hadn't seen for a long time (I was surprised) and at the end of the night my legs were shaking from exhaustion.

 Bea & me at sunset Stage
Me & Sis. Sónia with SWAG at Ivente Sangalo's show

P.s - we forgot our cameras so our phones saved us!! And... sorry my beautiful people , but the other pics look terrible.

Swag ON!

Oh no! I bought another pair of sneakers! At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any shoes, sneakers, boots or something, but I love shoes and shoes love me! I can’t do anything about that... A few days ago I bought these sneakers with a friend of mine. 
I didn’t like this kinda shoes, because “gangsters” use them, but nowadays these exist in many different colors and materials.
Now I feel like Kayne West with a fox coat and a lot of bling bling. Why not?! Everyone can feel like this!
I’ve had a song in my mind for a long time, I wake up singing it. Who showed me this song, was a friend of mine (Alex D’Alva Teixeira) who was a singer and has an excellent taste in music.

Back to Real

I woke up at 6’oclock and I’ve just realized that I slept 4 hours. Today was a huge day. I woke up, turned up the volume of my podcast and the day began well, by listening to MSTRKFT, one of my favorite electronic groups.
Dressed up, made tea and saw the weather… I felt happy instantly! But, holly crap, I was late for school and I needed to run for time!
School done! My day has just REALLY begun and I have lots of things to do. Today I helped a friend of mine with a fashion show in Frágil (Tiago Ferreira), it wasn’t an easy thing to do, but we did it well. 
The looks of my pics are a project of my friend. It took a few days.

In passion for..

Tenho andado com preguiça de andar por estes meios, por isso o meu "desprezo" ao blog. Mas ou é de mim, ou a felicidade paira no ar (provavelmente deve ser do tempo, I think, ou então é mesmo das fashions week, lol).
Anyway, hoje encontrei estas peças da Button Mess e como ja viram tem peças cools, pena é ainda não ter mais variedade.
However... ModaLisboa is comming, see you there.