Back to Real

I woke up at 6’oclock and I’ve just realized that I slept 4 hours. Today was a huge day. I woke up, turned up the volume of my podcast and the day began well, by listening to MSTRKFT, one of my favorite electronic groups.
Dressed up, made tea and saw the weather… I felt happy instantly! But, holly crap, I was late for school and I needed to run for time!
School done! My day has just REALLY begun and I have lots of things to do. Today I helped a friend of mine with a fashion show in Frágil (Tiago Ferreira), it wasn’t an easy thing to do, but we did it well. 
The looks of my pics are a project of my friend. It took a few days.

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  1. MSTRKRFT!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    Descansa agora !!!!!! Bom fim de semana ! :) beijinhossss